Community discussion around POSI and an invitation to share your thoughts

The following key documents (listed chronologically) discuss or draw on the POSI principles:

Year & month Title Authors
2015-February (Originally-proposed) Principles for Open Scholarly Infrastructures Neylon, Bilder, Lin
2015-August What exactly is infrastructure? Seeing the leopard’s spots Neylon, Bilder, Lin
2016-January Where are the pipes? Building Foundational Infrastructures for Future Services Neylon, Bilder, Lin
2016-July Squaring Circles: The economics and governance of scholarly infrastructures Neylon
2018-April Supporting Research Communications: A Guide Chodacki et al
2019-January Good Practice Principles for Scholarly Communication Services COAR-SPARC
2019-April EXAMPLARITY CRITERIA for funding from the National Open Science Fund through platforms, infrastructures and editorial content French National Open Science Fund
2020-October Living Our Values and Principles: Exploring Assessment Strategies for the Scholarly Communication Field Skinner and Wipperman, Educopia Institute
2021-October Now is the time to work together toward open infrastructures for scholarly metadata Hendricks et al
2021-November Beyond open: Key criteria to assess open infrastructure Invest In Open
2022-February Assessing data infrastructure: the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure Dodds

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