Who has committed to the POSI principles?

These organizations or initiatives (listed alphabetically) have formally adopted the POSI principles by publishing an initial self-audit, and committed to routinely demonstrating evidence of following POSI in practice.

  1. CORE (original posted 2022-May-23)
  2. COUNTER (original posted 2024-05-30)
  3. Crossref: POSI fan tutte (2022-March-08) and original (2020-December-02)
  4. DataCite (original posted 2021-August-30)
  5. DOAJ (original posted 2022-October-06)
  6. Dryad (original posted 2020-December-08)
  7. Europe PMC: Moving to open source (2024-February-26) and original (original posted 2022-February-21)
  8. JOSS (original posted 2021-February-14)
  9. Liberate Science: Reevaluating POSI: 2023 evolution (2023-November-14) and original (2022-August-02)
  10. OAPEN & DOAB (original posted 2023-May-04)
  11. OA Switchboard (original posted 2021-October-07)
  12. OpenAIRE (original posted 2022-March-29)
  13. OpenCitations (original posted 2021-August-09)
  14. OurResearch (original posted 2021-June-10)
  15. Peer Community In (original posted 2024-April-11)
  16. ROR (original posted 2020-December-16)
  17. Sciety (original posted 2021-November-22)
  18. SciPost (original posted 2024-March-11)

If you are considering adopting POSI and would like to chat about it, please reach out to any colleagues at any of the organizations above.